day 50 update.

yesterday i went to the fracture clinic for my 7 week check up. x-rays all looked good and per my 20 year old doctor i’m now allow to start gradually bearing weight and should be crutch free in 2 weeks. now on my first day i can bear up to 7.14% of my weight.

it’s good to start fighting gravity again.

it was supposed to be my 6 week check up but the day before my original appointment i got a letter from the clinic that casually mentioned that my appointment has been shifted back *5 weeks*. i think the nurse could hear the panic in my voice when i called and appealed for something much sooner since she was able to find me an appointment later in the week.

good thing since i was starting to get a bad case of cabin fever. if i had to wait 5 weeks i knew a big wheel was in my future.

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