voorjaar heeft afgeveerde

spring has sprung.

today we went to the botanical gardens to see a bit of the spring festival. the highlight today was the tulips. the 25,000+ tulip garden was established in 1948 as a gift from the netherlands in appreciation for kiwi hospitality given to dutch refugees during world war ii. each year as part of the spring festival they sponsor a small celebration in the tulip garden. koffiekoeken all around!

it was great to get out of the house and enjoy the beginning of spring.

kudos to the jboss for reserving one of the free scooters that are provided by the council at various spots across the city. i don’t think i would have enjoyed the day if i was trying to get around on my crutches.

that said i admit i found it a bit embarrassing. i probably shouldn’t have – but you can always count on little kids to say what’s on their mind. “daddy – why is that man riding in the car?”

the scooter pickup/dropoff was at the cafe at the rose garden, so whilst jackie went to fetch the car i was able to sit and enjoy the sunshine and a band playing the garden.

extra bonus for the day was a comically bad local band that was playing at the sound shell.

(Click to Play)

really bad. nick winters bad.

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