trust me, this is for your own good

significant progress since i’ve been back in wellington.

last week i had an appointment at the fracture clinic to meet a local orthopedic and have my staples (33!) removed – and today i went to my first physio appointment.

i’m not allowed to bear any weight on my leg for another 3+ weeks so this session is focused on restoring range of motion and preventing my leg from wasting away.

my physical therapist is very good. yes, yes – very good. did you hear that nurse? i’m telling everyone how good you are just like i promised.

most of the session was just stretching, but at the end i spend some time on a pilates machine. not surprisingly it was a bit unpleasant – but quite dramatic improvement after just the first visit.

consistent with my experience through this entire ordeal, there is no charge for any of this care and no paperwork. just a focus on recovery.

this has led to a bit of an epiphany for me. if a little island country in the middle of the south pacific can provide quality health care for all it’s citizens, it proves what can be done – and [editorial warning] it just seems immoral for any country that has the means to not provide for the health of its people.

somehow what i see as a success others see as something to fear and mock.

MCCAIN: Well, I want to make sure we’re not handing the health care system over to the federal government which is basically what would ultimately happen with Senator Obama’s health care plan. I want the families to make decisions between themselves and their doctors. Not the federal government.

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