ward room 17

i got out of surgery early friday morning and was taken up to join the other surgical patients in ward room 17.

while the care i received was top notch, i have no doubt that anyone who is used to us hospitals would freak out upon arrival at the ward room. more than slightly dinged up institutional green paint on the walls, no bathroom, no tv, no phones – just beds and a sink.

this wing of the hospital was due to be torn down in october (not up to current earthquake code) so i understand not wanting to investing a penny more than necessary – but it was more than a bit grim.

friday and saturday passed slowly with the goal of getting off the serious pain meds and getting out of bed for my first physio sessions. i was amazed with surgery early hours friday they had me out of bed and on my crutches by friday afternoon. i also got my first chance to see the x-rays of the repair.

despite the facility not being too flash, i have no complains about the care. the nurses were great (my primary day nurse was serrie – from the netherlands) and the anaesthesiologist stopped by twice to ensure everything was going well and the pain management was under control. i didn’t get much of the orthopedic surgeons time, but i’ll focus more on that when i am back in wellington. the equipment and meds all seems top notch – and that’s where i’d prefer they spend the money.

oh – and the hospital food did not disappoint. it was *horrible*. really.

for my first several meals the arrived without my input. each meal had a large container of whole milk. i did grow up on 2%, but i haven’t had a glass of milk in 30+ years and have only skim on my cereal. so i made sure i didn’t check the milk box when i selected my breakfast. only to discover the next day that “rice bubbles” are rice crispies and i had no milk. mmmm – rice crispies with no milk…

the other gem on the menu was “seasonal vegetables (no windy)”

come sunday i was itchin’ to go home. by early afternoon we had our discharge materials and were on the road.

it was great to be home.

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