today is my one year anniversary at company e2 and also the completion of it’s acquisition by company h2. i now work for “e2 – an h2 company”. i don’t expect this will have any impact on me, but we have been assured that “any workforce reductions will be made in adherence to all local laws.” quite comforting to know that their threshold for making firing decisions is “we won’t do anything illegal.”

my year at e2 has been fairly uneventful – although i continue to be surprised by the *big* company ways of working. my computer login in the past has always been “afoster” or “antony” or some such. at e2 my login is “zzsq42.” and my team name – no joke – is “ASFO AP A&NZ CM&E TNZ DEL MOBILE & CONS”

about once a week a get an email like this.

Subject: Important Organizational Announcement

From: Executive-I’ve-Never-Heard-Of-Before

To better serve the rapidly changing needs of our customers we have restructured our organization. I am pleased to announce Sub-Executive-I’ve-Never-Heard-Of-Before will be assuming responsibility for Team-I’ve-Never-Heard-Of-Before and reporting directly to me.

This change is an important part of our efforts to build and maintain a World Class organization.


my favourite tidbit. in may we were all asked and then repeatedly reminded to complete an anonymous employee satisfaction survey. we were assured that the results would be quickly reviewed by the executives and we would be presented with the results and the appropriate actions. nothing until late july when they said that there had been a problem at the survey company and they were not able to provide all the results.

my cynical view has the conversation playing out like this:

survey company “we have compiled the results of the survey for your review”
e2 “thanks, but we wanted *all* the results, not just the negative ones”
survey company “but those are *all* the results”
e2 “no – i don’t think so. so go away and don’t come back until you’ve found *all* the results including the really good ones”

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