let’s have teriyaki, make that taranaki for lunch

today we went on a tramp on mt taranaki.

the day started out cold and drizzling, but we decided to head to trailhead and see if the weather cleared. when we arrived things were better, but knowing how extreme conditions could be on the mountain we checked with the doc ranger before starting our tramp. after getting the go ahead from the ranger as we were heading off to the trail we passed a group of 10 or so indian lads in their twenties – in short sleeves and sneakers for the most part. i give them credit for getting out and doing something, but we’re at the base of a alpine zone with severe and rapidly changing conditions. not surprisingly the rescue service here does a brisk business coming to the aid of tourists. they are currently looking for a polish tourist who went off on a tramp alone without filing a route plan – total needle in a haystack.

we turned around at the alpine tree line. wild winds and bitter cold as you left the protection of the forest.

you can see the dramatic change in the photo on the left above.

in the photo and map above you can see the clear boundary between the native forest in the national park and the surrounding farm land.

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