i ordered fettucini, not puccini

tonight we went to see puccini’s la boheme at the majestic saint james theater.

on the plus side we it continues to be great to live in such a compact city where it’s a breeze to get around (sans car). after putting on our best opera outfits we took the bus into town for a pre-show dinner. walking along cuba street we pick scoopa – a small modern italian cafe that had been on our list for quite a while. the food was ok – but given other place that have been great i don’t expect we’ll be back soon.

also a plus i’ll always enjoying going to the saint james theater – it really is fantastic.

on the down side i wasn’t impressed with la boheme – “Arguably the most popular of all operas”. i just found the story line boring – a group of bohemian in post-wwii paris including one who abandons his new girlfriend who has tb, only to confess his love on her deathbed – yawn. puccini ain’t got nothing onaaron spelling.

since we went i’ve found out that most current productions (including the one we saw) are based on a 1993 australian modernization moving the setting from 1830 to 1957. so i guess it’s easy to just blame this one on the aussies.

perhaps i should remember that cats is one of the most popular of musicals…

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