it a small, small, world

whilst i am employed by company e2, i on the account of a large nz telecommunications company (company t) and spend much of my time at their site. today i was sitting at my desk at company t when i hear “hey antony – how are things?” i turn to see a former colleague from my last employer in massachusetts – now also living and working in new zealand. 14717 km (9145 miles) from boston and i run into someone i know from a 30 person startup.

similarly i’m talking with my colleague at e2 who sits at the desk next to me. my time working at orange comes up since he is originally from the uk. i mentioned how much i enjoyed working in london. he asks where in london i worked:

“marylebone” (one of the sections of london)

“that’s a nice part of town. where in maryleborn?”

“an old heritage building on wigmore”

“anywhere near the music hall?”

“right across the street. i was in 33 wigmore”

“i worked on the 1st floor. you must have been up on 3?”


mind you that london is a city of 12 million people and the chap at the desk next to me in wellington worked in the same small building at the same time.

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