pan handling

today was the karori nature sanctuary’s annual street appeal and the jboss was out beggingaccepting contributions.

jboss’ review of the day:

My two hour stint on the bucket brigade was pretty successful. It’s hard to say how much I collected as the bucket is sealed. I did have several people drop in $5 and one dropped in a $10, but the majority put in $1 and $2 coins. The hat with the bird on it was a good attention getter. Antony said I looked like dork, which I’m sure I did, but hey, I can be a dork if the cause is right. The two hour session was an interesting people experiment. My general assessment is that women donate more often than men. Women in Paris Hilton oversized sunglasses never donate (and often speed up to pass you by) and men in suits never donate (they were always on their cell phones). I will do it again next year.

[ed. since this post we’ve been back for a tramp at the karori sanctuary and it really is fantastic. hard to believe you are just a few minutes from the cbd given the abundance of wildlife and density of the forest. unfortunately i forget my camera. looking forward to going back. highlights of the trip was encountering a pair of kaka birds (not joking – that’s their name) eating lunch and a large flock of tuis chowing down in a fruit tree.]

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