a day at the races

today we went to the wellington cup carnival – a week long series of events centered loosely around the sport of kings.

the race course is at trentham, about 30k (~20 miles) north of the city. as with most events in the wellington area, no car required. we were able to take the train from wellington station right to the gates of race course. and no crush at the gates since we could buy a combo train & race course admission ticket at the station.

all good so far until we started looking at the others on the platform waiting for the train. almost everyone is is fancy dress. men in suits. women in dresses. most with fancy hats. and i’m in my american tourist shorts and sandals.

nothing we can do about it now so onward we go.

after a hot ride on a packed train (one woman passed out) we arrived at the race course. most of the crowd is in their twenties and many of the young ladies are in heels and skimpy dresses. shamefully trampy or a magical day depending on your perspective.

the potato sack dress is surprisingly popular in wellington this year.

“i’m going to kick your ass”

lots of fancy hats.

i expect the lad on the left woke up on the floor of the bathroom.

in addition to the horse racing there was a fashion competition. the woman on the left was the runner up on the new zealand designer competition. the mom & daughter in the center made my day. “mommmmm – rachel got a new mercedes – i want a new mercedes!” “yes dear – ask your father. i need a fresh drink…” extra special since someone else was wearing the same dress.

“horsa racing,… she be berry berry good to me.”

we watched several races and had good time – but since betting on the races is not our thing and jackie sold all her fancy hats before we left boston, i’m guessing we may skip next year’s races.

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