sitting on the dock of the bay

88 days after our container left our house it framingham it has arrived in wellington.

Tracking Information
Container :MSCU5003138
Type :40′ DRY VAN
Shipped On :30/08/2007
WELLINGTON, NZ26/11/2007Discharged
SYDNEY, AU20/11/2007LoadedMSC CLORINDAC7143
SYDNEY, AU12/11/2007Discharge
ANTWERP, BE24/09/2007LoadedMSC HAILEY23A
ANTWERP, BE17/09/2007Discharged
BOSTON, US07/09/2007LoadedMSC JAPAN634R
BOSTON, US30/08/2007Gate In Full
BOSTON, US27/08/2007Empty to Shipper

the careful reader may note the journey was not exactly the most direct route. we were told the container would travel by rail to long beach california and then travel by ship to singapore before a quick hop over to wellington. the expected travel time was 45 to 55 days. for reasons that no one will admit it didn’t take this route and instead first headed east (the wrong way) to antwerp belgium where it enjoyed a week basking in the summer sun before heading off to sydney australia. that route takes it through the straights of gibraltar, the mediterranean sea, through the suez cannel, the red sea (hello saudi arabia) and across the indian ocean before arriving in sydney.

our stuff is now seen much more of the world than we have.

our ship – the msc hailey

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