november 22 – just another day

what i did today:

  • got up at 0545
  • put the kettle on
  • took the dog out
  • made the coffee
  • showered & dressed
  • walked to the 0651 bus
  • rode into town with the other worker bees
  • work, work, work
  • came home to a simple meal of pasta cooked in our 1 pot
  • watched some old us reruns that are shown here in primetime
  • went to bed with the sight of the ocean and the lights of island bay out the window

what i didn’t do:

  • have the day off
  • watch football
  • enjoy turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie
  • go to bed early so i could get up for the 5:00 am sale at walmart

bit of a bummer

it will always be quite a challenge to have a proper turkey day here but this year was particularly difficult since we only have our very basic kitchen gear that a kind work colleague has loaned us and we don’t yet have any american friends (although that is a bit by choice – i didn’t come her to hang out with yanks). the jboss searched a bit for a hotel or restaurant that was targeting expats with a turkey dinner but came up empty. the local upscale grocery was offering turkeys for order (thanks for that) but without anything to cook it in/with it didn’t seem to be a good idea. pumpkin pie may be the biggest challenge. no signs of pumpkin pie here on a regular basis (it is a bit odd if you’re not used to it – who would have thought of making a pie out of a pumpkin?) and even finding the ingredients is proving to be a challenge.
we will start our research now so we will be better prepared for next year.
maybe a kind reader can record the football for next year and send a dvd our way?

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