this is where we live

yesterday and this morning jackie and i went for a walk with gromit down to the beach.

a quick few blocks and we’re there.

(click any for larger image)

the coastline reminds me of portland – wild and rocky in places, calm beaches in others.

gromit was a bit skeptical about the whole ocean thing but then all of sudden decided he liked it. today he went for two swims.

(“I’m not so sure about this” / “ok – i like it”)

(the local fishing fleet / i guess even dogs can get caught with their eyes closed during a photo)

( digging to china spain / waiting for breakfast from the bakery)

this is from a month back but one of my favourite views is looking down on the city and harbour from the botanical gardens. on jackie’s first day here i made sure to take her there for the view. there are a few images that continue to strike me. this is one of them.

each time i experience them i say to myself “this is where we live!”

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