remembering a revolutionary’s (nope), insurgent’s (nope), freedom fighter’s (nope), terrorist’s actions

tonight we went to the waterfront to watch fireworks celebrating guy fawkes day. fantastic night. after a quick 10 minute drive into the city we joined thousands of our fellow wellingtonians along the harbour for a great display. fireworks are really spectacular over the water – especially with city wrapping around.

adding to the atmosphere was steady stream of fireworks going off over the neighborhoods surrounding the harbour. fireworks are legal for sale here the week before guy fawkes day and many households stock up. and we’re not talking sparklers or snakes – these are big rockets that explode hundreds of feet in the air.

so who was guy fawkes? he was a 16th century roman catholic who planned the gunpowder plot – an attempt to end protestant rule in england by blowing up parliament and kill king james I.

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