will the students stand please

i’ve completed my first week of commuting on the bus and have learned a few new things.

  • the buses run on time so i need to also. twice this week i arrived at the bus stop 2 or 3 minutes after the scheduled express bus and it was long gone. the next bus was just a few minutes later but it ran the standard route that takes 7 minutes longer.
  • the #4 bus is just as good as the 1 and the 32. most of the time i take the 1 (island bay) or 32 (island bay express). on friday i missed the 32 and was waiting when the #4 (happy valley) arrived. everyone else got on and the bus driver had a “don’t you want to get on?” look but i held my ground. after it pulled away i reviewed the route and learned that from my stop it’s route into the city is exactly the same as the 1 & 32. doh.
  • riders on the morning bus are about 2/3 workers heading into the city and 1/3 students in their smart uniforms. students on their way to school travel on concession fares – 1/2 price. when all the seats are full the bus driver will announce “will the students stand please.” and without exception the students will get out of their seats and stand in the aisle, offering their seats to adults.

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