thank you bus driver

one more step in the moving process complete today. we checked out of our apartment in the city (my home for the last 10 weeks), i began my last walk to work and jackie dragged the last of our belonging off to the car and then drove to our rental in island bay.

during the day we got phone, tv & internets connected (same company) and our rental furniture (bed, couch, dining table & chairs) delivered so by the time i got home it was beginning to feel like a home.

but the highlight of my day was taking the bus home for the first time. the island bay line runs right past work so catching the bus couldn’t be easier. during rush hour the buses run every few minutes so i only had to wait 4 minutes before i was on my way. and then the great kiwi moment. when passengers get off the bus they declare “thank you bus driver!”. and not just quietly as they pass the driver and exit the front door. most exit out the back door so they have to really belt it out for the driver to hear.

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