cow veneer

7 days until we move from our apartment to our rental home. with our container not due until the end of november it will be our very empty rental home. no furniture, no linens, no appliances, no nothing. as much as i’m looking forward to moving in to a home and settling in a bit i do need to remember it will be a bit dodgy until our stuff arrives. plus we did sell most of our family room furniture so today we went looking for a new sofa.

most everything fell into 2 camps – cheap (both in cost and quality) chinese and quality italian & kiwi made. our strong desire is to buy nz made but no surprise it is the most expensive. we were talking with the sales rep about the materials and he said it was top grain leather. now i’ve seen and heard that phrase countless time and always assumed that it just meant that it was top quality. now i found out that they are slicing a cows hide into several layers to increase their yield – just like they do with lumber to create wood veneer.

i guess top grain leather sounds better than cow veneer.


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