can a vet fix broken teeth?

no real surprise that jackie was quite eager to get up to quarantine to see gromit after his big adventure. added bonus is that is real is a spectacular drive.

when we walk into gromit’s room just like yesterday he is bouncing around beside himself with happiness. jackie sits down on the floor to be on his level and then i hear the sound that makes my blood run cold. it’s a crunch that i’ve experience myself (with cosmo about 10 years ago) and has no happy ending. gromit has just bounced under jackie’s chin and that crunch was her teeth. i look over and she is now spitting our little white bits.

(Artist’s Interpretation)

now a brief pause while jackie take’s inventory of the damage and we decide if we get to experience nz rural sunday afternoon dental care.

best we can determine 4 teeth have minor chips but nothing serious.

the rest of the time with gromit was great and he seems to be settling in well. we brought him 2 of his favourite toys (snow kitty and a tug toy) and that made him *very* happy. after an hour of serious play time gromit was exhausted and we were on our way back to the city.

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