that’s 7 dog days

we knew this would be by far the hardest part of our move – and so far it has lived up to expectations.

today at 6:30 pm pacific time jackie dropped gromit off for his flight to nz.

it is now 10:42 pm pacific time and gromit is on board nz 1 just off the california coast.

he is due to arrive in auckland in about 11 hours – 0552 local time. he then has a 5 hour layover before his flight to wellington. shado-lans will then pick him up and drive him to their quarantine facility. after a local maf vet has signed off he is allowed out of the shipping crate. that should be about 1 pm local time. 18 hours from now.

that is going to be a very long 18 for me and the jboss.

i would give anything to be able to explain to him what is happening and that it will ok.

i feel sick.

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