wide load

firstly some background.

  1. i tend to walk fast.
  2. i’m trying to be a buddha, but some things would even test the buddha.

so i’m walking home from work after stopping at the grocery. moving along well and then everything slows to crawl as i’m stuck behind a group of three walking arm in arm and moving at a snails pace oblivious to anyone around them. i could not walk that slowly even if i tried – and the walk is completely blocked. pileup forming behind me.

seriously they needed some warning lights.

i suggest this test – if you’re holding up someone with a broken foot you’re moving too slowly and need to yield.

i was looking for an image and found the one above on a site for tourists to korea. the caption made my day.
It is very common for female friends to walk arm in arm or to hold hands while walking in public. This does not always require corn on a stick.

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