excusez-moi ?

last night i was walking up cuba street, passing the bucket fountain when i was forced to do a double take. there was a mother talking to her son in french. nothing odd there. the startling part was that his pants were down around his ankles, he was up on the ledge surrounding the fountain and he was peeing into the water.

quelle horreur! what made the mom think that that was ok?

well – now that i think of it one of more memorable disney moments was in the french section of epcot. no debate that they did a great job recreating the feel of a french street. and with the sights, the music and the smells i suppose you can suspend believe for a bit and fell that you’re there. so there i sit at one the tables in the photo below, enjoying my pastry from the patisserie when i notice the mum pulling down the pants of the toddler and trying in french to coax him to pee in the gutter – the fake gutter on the fake parisian street in the french section of epcot.

did she not understand that no matter how good a job they did, disney is just make believe and that you’re not really in france and french social customs do not apply?

and it’s not like this is an emergency and there aren’t clearly marked bathrooms toilettes every 100 feet.

or (i’m stepping in here for an unnamed boston-617 friend who has offered her own disney conspiracy stories) perhaps the mum and the kid were actually on the disney payroll and all part of the effort to create an authentic french experience?

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