99.94% pure

ok – so maybe nz is not 100% pure.

wednesday night after work i had an appointment to see home for sale so i walked to my rented spot (about 5 blocks from my apartment) and off i went. on the way home i picked up some takeaway (food to go) and head back to my spot. turn the corner and – doh – someone is in my spot.

it’s 7:50, i’ve got hot food sitting in the car, there is no on street parking this time of night (my spot is right off of cuba street, the place the kool kats come to eat, drink and relax), and my foot still hurts so i’m not keen on walking the 5 blocks back to my apartment only to have to return before morning to move my car (into its hopefully then empty spot) before the meters take effect at 8 am.

what to do?

i’m hoping that whoever is in my spot will just be a few so after a bit of hunting i find a spot on the street and find a cafe to have a beer and read the paper. an hour later i walk back and unfortunately no change. time to call the tow truck.

after another 30 minutes the truck arrives. in the “what’s really the point of car door locks and alarms?” category the tow truck driver has unlocked and disabled the alarm on the car in under 30 seconds.

a few minutes later and he’s off and i’m into my spot. dinner is now stone cold. i’ll get to try out that fancy toaster oven that i’ve got back at the apartment.

total time hit – 2:10.

i’m going with the assumption that it must have been a tourist – no wait – a non freedom loving evil doer set on harming your children that has taken refuge in we’re-afraid-of-nuclear-weapons nz.

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