the bigger the mess

the nz police and land transport nz (their dept of transportation) are sponsoring a series of attention grabbing safety ads – all with a shocker at the end.

high rise is my favourite – high-rise

in the lawyers-gone-wild category ford motor company has filed suit to take this one off the air – death-lurks-around-corner. they claim that depicting a ford in the ad gives the impression that the car is not safe. sigh. firstly i’m quite sure that most kiwis are able to understand that the ad is just an ad (and that land mines do not actually pop out of the road based on your driving speed as depicted in the ad). secondly i don’t expect that many viewers focused on that the car was a ford – but given all the hubbub, they will now. lastly nothing like a gigantic american company filing suit against the nz govt to block a public safety ad. idiots.

plenty more – a new one runs about every two weeks to keep it fresh. some other favs:

  • under-pressure (i can totally relate to this one. being late and putting my life at risk for something dump like a project status meeting)
  • mate
  • indicator (another one that hit home. how many times have you grown impatient waiting to turn and finally pulled out when there really wasn’t enough room?)
  • same-cop

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