make a postie happy – give them mail to deliver

i was having a few issues getting mail delivered (all mail gets delivered to a sister hotel and they didn’t know who i was and were returning it), and realizing that i’m likely to have several addresses in the next year i decided it would be best to get a po box and have a stable address that was all mine. there is a post office half way between the apartment and work so it’s easy to stop off for a quick check. 5 minutes and $190 later i’ve got a new home for my mail.

my address:
antony foster
po box 11377
te aro, wellington 6142
new zealand

i haven’t yet seen any postal vehicles other than bicycles and motobikes. in upper hutt i saw these 2 posties – one having an ice cream with his family and another zooming by on their bike.

now to answer some questions / concerns on how much it costs to send something to nz. details from below but 1lb will cost between $10.10 and $55.00 depending on if you have some time or “absolutely positively need it there overnight” (can’t happen actually given the dateline – minimum is 2 days).

an important restriction to keep in mind to avoid customs duties is that any “gift” under NZ$100 is allowed duty free.

in the facts & figures category i can set the record straight on some other numbers i’ve heard:

  • flight from los angeles to auckland, new zealand is 12 hours and 45 minutes. the return journey (with the wind at your back) is under 12 hours. the flights between auckland and wellington are 45 minutes and take off every hour.
  • distance from los angeles to auckland is 6,499 miles
  • new zealand is part of the oceania, australasia, australia or zealandia continent depending on who you ask.

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