blackish tan

after work i had a hankering for a black & tan so i stopped at molly’s, an irish pub on cuba street. similar to many of the irish pubs in the states they have packed up a pub in ireland and used them for interior and furnishings. so it seemed a smart place to go for a black & tan.

my first hint of trouble was when i asked the bartender for a black & tan and he looked like he didn’t hear what i said:
“hey mate, what can i get you?”
“a black & tan please”
“what’s that mate?”
“a black & tan” (i assumed he hadn’t heard me)
“what’s a black & tan?”
another bartender chimes in “it’s half dark, half red”
“so what do you want – dark or red?”
“it’s half of each, you fill the glass half full with bass or harp, and then gently fill it to the top with guinness”
“never heard of that – so why do you mix them?”
“you actually don’t mix them, the guinness will float on top”
other bartender – “you use a spoon when you add the guinness”
“oh – ok”
he then fils the glass half full with something like bass (“red” i guess), pours the guinness in and then *uses the spoon to mix them*.
ahhhh! oh, please stop.

a proper black & tan

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