rip – uniball micro blue – lot 2005/0407/394723

rest in peace my good friend.

ok – first serious maybe-i-gotta-go-home crisis.

as some know i’ve got a thing about pens. considering how much we use a pen during the day i just don’t want to use some 10¢ ball point. life is too short to use a crappy pen. i always get a kick out of the guy in the fancy suit getting out of the top end car and then using a quckie mart pen.

i don’t want an expensive pen – actually any pen will do as long as it is a uniball micro blue.

i haven’t been able to find them in the stores for quite a while so several years ago i bought 10 dozen. i had mini stockpiles in several strategic places to insure i would never be far from a quick replacement (this led to several discussions about my neuroses with the jboss) and had a full box in my luggage to hold me over. but for some reason i could not find the pens when i arrived (doh! – the lax baggage handlers got me again!). and i can assure you that i checked my luggage thoroughly…

so with the stage set you will now understand my angst as today my pen died. the container (with the rest of my pens) will arrive in 71 days.

i’ve already worked through several options:
– work the broken toe for all it’s worth. attempt to go on disability until the replacement pens arrive.
– look for another job at a company that supplies uniball micro blue’s
– try and find an all night pen repair shop
– pack up and head home. i’ve given it a shot, and nz has a lot going for it, but some things are just not meant to be.

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