if you make enough predictions one of them will come true

unfortunately this would not have been high on my list of those i was pulling for.

first day i moved into my apartment i noticed the very solidly affixed doorstop in the middle of the floor on the way to the bathroom. thought to myself that it seemed inevitable that at some point during my stay i would have a run in with that. i actually had a unpublished blog entry titled “predicting the future” that had a photo of the doorstop.

well – last night the inevitable was realized. just home from work. shoes and socks off. walking over to hang up my coat. -snap- opps.

lots of ice, elevation and ibuprofen and it is starting to get better.

*very* slowly made the 5 block walk to work today but came home early afternoon. serious crimp in my daily flow (i walk almost everywhere – probably 5 or so miles a day) and my plans for the weekend. i guess with the rugby world cup starting this weekend i know what i’ll be doing.

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