well, not technically i guess since we still have the cabin in vt, but the house in the framingham closed today. jackie and gromit will now be moving from shelter to soup kitchen.

sadly the closing was not as smooth as it could have been – but the good news is that we expected as much so were mentally prepared. as i mentioned in an earlier post one of the things that made selling my woodshop kit easy was how grateful and excited everyone was about their items. all the sales were also nice and easy. i’ll just say that the home sale was not the same.

gromit is probably having the toughest time. he has always been nervous, and he really doesn’t like change. unfortunately almost every day for the last month something that was part of his world disappeared. the vermont cabin got all packed up, then the framingham couch & ottoman (his favourite places), then most of the the rest of the house, i disappeared, the movers came back for the bed, and finally they were out on the streets. when gromit was in vt after the house was all packed he just lied on the bedroom floor where the bed used to be (he favourite vt hangout).

i expect he’ll be better once they hit the road and start staying at places with furniture and folks to give him plenty of attention.

here he is at a residence inn post closing.

“i know i’m supposed to lie down and this is my bed, but i’m so nervous i won’t close my eyes…”

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