heading west

our stuff is finally on it’s way to new zealand.

first a cross country trip on the rails to long beach california, then sailing on the MSC Japan, voyage 634.

thats the good news. the bad news is that after quoting us a delivery time of 40-55 days, then last week mentioning in an email that sailing times had increased to 65-75 days, the movers said today that the container was scheduled to arrive in wellington between november 22 and 26th. that’s almost 90 days. no admission or recognition that that is *way* past when then committed.

well crap. i am due to be out of my apartment mid september and won’t have a bed, chair, light or pan.

the motivation for having them pack the house in early august but not pack the container until late august was to give me enough time to get here and find a place before the container arrived. if i had known the actual sailing time required we would have had it shipped out in early august.

one thing i will never understand is how callous and unapologetic some folks can be. if they had called me as soon as they knew the new timeframe, apologies and worked with me on what could be done to minimize the impact i would have been upset but understanding. but to just dump it an email is plain wrong.

so… given the new timeline we’re shifting our focus back to looking for something to buy. the housing market has cooled off here some and the exchange rate has dropped back down from it’s dizzying heights so we’re more comfortable with looking to buy – plus we’ve got more time now to find something. i’ll look until the end of september – after that if nothing looks promising then we’ll ping-pong back to finding a rental.

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