probably not the first trunk full of unwanted merchandise to be disposed of in quincy

a special contribution from our senior new england correspondent jboss today:
“Made a trip to Braintree today to drop off chemicals at Clean Harbors. It could have been an episode out of the Sopranos. You drive thru Quincy to a dirt road with no signs indicating that Clean Harbors exists anywhere. I’m expecting to find abandoned cars and dead bodies. After a bit you get to a hand painted sign that says “Clean harbors park no earlier than here”. The sign is propped up against a rusty old oil barrel. Ok, I must be on the right road. Finally, the road opens up to what looks like a shipping yard (still no signs) and a bunch of friendly guys in blue uniforms and hard hats wave me towards them. They pop the trunk, rifle thru the stuff. Send me back with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (they said I can dump this down the drain) and they took the rest. Full trunk load was $48. Still have a small box of paint that I will give to the neighbors.”
the ministry of the environment, the local city councils and a local paint supply company have teamed up to provide a much better solution. this would have made our move quite a bit easier.

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