shock treatment

like any major city there is a an occasional battle between those on foot and those on the road – with the obvious victor. in response the wellington city council has sponsored a campaign to raise awareness through a bit of shock treatment. at most crosswalks there is now a “stop, look, live” banner painted at the kerb (similar to the uk “look right” markings) and they have painted a chalk outline of a body in road where ever there was an accident in the past five years.

they have also put a series of posters at most bus stops and flypapered all around town. the one on the left has a map of actual accident sites. the red dot over the stiff’s right kidney is in front of the apartment where i am staying.

my favourite is one featured on the side of many buses.

that will get your attention.

the campaign also includes mock accident sites staged randomly in the CBD but i haven’t seen one yet.

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