saint louis’ best

day 4, saint louis, mo. 105°F.

it truly feels like you have opened the door to the oven. of course the sad irony is all the air conditioners running full blast just heating up the planet even more.

i had a short list of things i wanted to do in saint louis before i headed off. happy to say that i was able to cross off everything on my list.

white castle.

you either love them or hate them. always a treat for me. with an order of cheese fries and a mix (half and half mix of pepsi and orange drink – even better since it is not listed on the menu and only old hard core patrons know to ask). not quite the classic experience since the women in their 50’s with beehives and blue massacre disappeared from behind the counter.

ted drewes.

a small frozen custard stand in the city on watson road. definitely the best frozen treat and there is always a crowd spilling out into the street. one of the few things that still pulls the escalades and navigators from the burbs back into the city.

steak & shake

*in sight it must be right*. the slogan since they cook the food to order on a grill behind the counter in sight of the diners. when i was growing up they had car hop service with the menu painted on a billboard. my order is for a steakburger platter with fries (the fries are tiny – the size of match sticks) & baked beans and a chocolate shake. hard to beat.

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