ready for our union cards

day 2. 10:45 pm. saint louis, mo. 95°F.

we formally started day 2 at 6 am with breakfast at the denny’s next door to our overnight accommodations truck. i felt surprisingly good. just think of all the cash we can save from now on by skipping on the pampered lifestyle of hotel patrons. no sir, the parking lot is just fine for us thank you. “does the hose out back work?”

on the road by 7:30 and a clean shot to saint louis, arriving before 5 pm.

not much of note now that we were pros behind the wheel of our rig. swapping trucker stories with the other drivers at the rest stops. pimping our ride with yosemite sam “back off” mud flaps.

(one big truck)

a quick dinner and i fell asleep watching a movie (had to be a first time for that to happen).

oh – and did i mention that saint louis is an oven? 98°F when we arrived. supposed to be over 100 tomorrow. great moving weather.

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