no room at the inn…

…or any inn from rochester ny to cleveland ohio.

day 2. 3:40 am. outside cleveland, oh. 78°F.

uneventful drive through mass and most of new york. it is about 10 pm, we’re coming up on rochester and we’re starting to think about where to stop for the night. buffalo seemed about right. i use google sms (great tool if you haven’t used it before) to find the 3 red roof inns in the area. i call the first one and they say that the don’t have any rooms. hmm – didn’t expect that. so i ask if they can tell me of a red roof in the area that has rooms. “no rooms from rochester to erie” whut? so i call jackie and ask her to give me the number for some other red roofs and every one i call same thing – booked solid. now jackie is calling other chains – super 8, hotel 6, days inn, marriott courtyard, fairfield inn. booked, booked, booked, booked, booked. she is now using orbitz. one room – buffalo area – august 11th. “no rooms are available for this date” try rochester. same thing. erie pa. nuttin. you have to be kidding. not a single room for over 300 miles? you have to understand that as we are driving down the highway both sides are filled with a sea of hotels. how can it be that every single one is booked up? oddly every parking lot did look packed so it was believable that they were full.

so down the road we drive.

at 3:30 am we’re are just past cleveland and we’ve both had enough. at 3:40 we pull into a hotel 6 parking lot, kill the engine, grab a water from the denny’s next door (the 3:40 am crowd did not disappoint) and sleep best we can in the cab of the truck.

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