a sea of boxes

the packers from gentle giant were here yesterday and today packing the house. they were a great crew that were very patient with us making sure that they weren’t packing anything that was destined for storage in saint louis or had been purchased by one of our loyal underwriters. if you are not familiar with gentle giant is worth a look. it was founded by a 6’6″ irishman who was also a very talented crew rower. his company has grown all along the north east coast and consistently wins the award for best in boston. he hires crew members much like him – big guys who are *fit* and treat the move like a workout. we used them for our last move and they carry loads that seem impossible (one guy hoisted our fridge onto his back and carried it out) and then literally run back from the truck to get another load.

most of the items to be shipped in the container have been packed up so we’re now urban camping. it is so easy to forget all the things you need to have to accomplish a simple task – like eat take out. after the movers had left we all headed to whole foods to get some chow from the food bar. all good until we get home and realize we don’t have a spoon for the soup. doh.

and to calm any potential concerns i can confirm that surf monkey has been packed and will be making the jump with us to nz. i would love to listen in the conversation in the truck on the way home from a house pack. i’m guessing they are all competing for who packed the craziest item – dirty dishes – wardrobe of pet outfits – curio cabinet full of unicorns. i’m hoping we gave hector a winner with surf monkey.

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