the last

this week i began what will be a long series of lasts.

last haircut at scizzors (after 21 years i’ve known john longer than anyone else in boston)
last visit to my dentist (during my visit i was patient #1 for the new digital xray system. unbelievable. no question that 20 years from now we’ll look back in amazement that dentists use to use film and hold the xray up to the light to try and see what was going on)

last time together with many of my boston friends.

on thursday we got together with many of the friends we have made here in boston. some recent, some 20 years plus. it was great to see everyone but it really struck me when folks started leaving that it would be some time (potentially forever) before i would be able to see them again. quite a bummer. jackie and me agreed that we would have to make sure we made it back to boston before too long.

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