a quick message and then we’ll get right back to the news

[Ed. The link mentioned below is no longer active…]

jim: “hi, this is jim, the editor here are the fryphone.com. i’m here with carol, our development manager and we need just a moment of your time and then we’ll get back to our programming.”

carol “thanks jim! just a quick remember to our readers that it’s through the valued support of our readers and their purchases from our online store at w w w dot fryphone dot com slash home slash forsale dot h t m l that makes all this possible”

jim “that’s right carol. when our readers make a purchase at http://fryphone.com/home/forsale.html it provides valuable support for the contributors to this news feed.”

carol “and i wanted to thank the readers who have already make a purchase at http://fryphone.com/home/forsale.html and remind those that haven’t yet that there is still time to get that extra extension cord that you always need during the holidays – or that futon to give the dog his own place to sit. it’s not too late to make a quick visit to http://fryphone.com/home/forsale.html and support the efforts here at fryphone.com”

jim “and now let’s get back to the news”

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