it really does swirl the other direction

so i woke up yesterday morning feeling quite poorly. when i was walking to get my morning coffee i had a horrible headache and my head was spinning. i went to the grocery store to get some bland staples (bananas, golden kiwis [of course] bread, butter, jam, apple juice) but it didn’t seem to help. worse as the day went on. i did a bit of exploring in the car but had a race back to the apartment thinking i was going to pass out. try driving (on the left) in a busy strange city when you feel like you are about to lose it. well i made it back to the apartment just time in time to loose my lunch. nice.

but i can now certify that the water in the toilet does spin the other way when you flush. some real up close and personal experience that i’m hoping not to repeat.

the double bummer was that last night the kiwi rugby team (the all blacks) played australia and the nz sailing team was battling the swiss team in the america’s cup finals – and i was planning on heading out into the city to watch them both with my new wellitonian mates. instead i crashed in the couch in the apartment. if it helps at all both teams lost so the mood here is a bit subdued.

feeling much better today.

spoke with jackie last night and she reminded me that she got sick that last time we arrived and blamed in on bad indian food. coincidence that i had indian food my first night here and got so sick?

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