well caffeinated

don’t think there could be a better place to wake up after a long journey. coffee is a huge part of the culture in nz – and even more so in wellington. all the coffee is espresso based and made by hand and not by pushing a button (hi sheilac) by baristas who take a lot of pride in their work. this is my flat white from the front page cafe (right next to the dominion post – wellington’s daily).

started counting the number of coffee cafes that i passed in the 5 block walk from my apartment and company e2 – i stopped counting at 10.

one of the local coffee roasters weighs in on the quality of their product.

oh – and more evidence of that new & improved lifestyle i’m looking forward to in cafe shot #7. most (but not all) wellingtonians dutifully wait at the intersections for the crosswalk signal.

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