it’s good to be wanted

i spoke with the hiring manager from company e2 again last night and gave my verbal acceptance conditional on meeting the team in wellington next week and agreement on a start date. they’re eager to get me signed up but understand my desire to meet the team and get a sense of wellington before committing so no issue there. start date is a bit tougher – and unfortunately i made it more difficult with an earlier different proposal that i start end of july and come back for a week at the end of august. the hiring manager and team leader spent time with my proposal and found a way to make it work – only to have me come back today and say it no longer worked for us. doh.

after talking with movers and working out the detailed schedule of what needs to get done to get both houses packed up we just couldn’t make the end of july plan work. instead we propose to scrap the return trip (saving a ton of travel time and money) and instead focus on getting everything packed up as soon as possible. this gave us 3 potential start dates – 13-AUG, 20-AUG & 27-AUG – ranging from high to low risk. the manager said that there was a huge program with their large telco customer starting up and they were very eager for me to be on board by the end of july so i could participate in the planning and proposal. seems like a great opportunity and my change in plans throws a wrench in things. the hiring manager said he would connect with the team lead and see what was possible. he though the 27th was right out, and the 20th and 13th would both be difficult, but said he would try his best to make it work. he’ll get back with me tomorrow.

taking with the jboss after the call we agreed that we would find a way to make it work whatever date company e2 required – we’re a bit too far down the path at this point to start all over.

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