working the phones

lots of time on the phone this week with potential nz employers.

(here’s jackie giving me the details of my next call)

after several misses i was able to connect with the other company h principal. that went well so i would expect that to go to offer. having one in the bag would be big milestone.

company e said they were almost readyto rebook the ticket for me to come visit them in nz – but wanted me to speak with their new ceo first. that went well so i expect that they will try to schedule something soon. the challenge will be that i don’t think it can be done before my scheduled trips to portland and the-happiest-place-on-earth. that puts the trip out to the end of the month.

company b (based in christchurch) also sprang back to life this week. they had previously expressed some interest but had decided to fill the position from within. they now have a more senior level opportunity that they wanted to speak to me about. the call was a two sessioner with the first hour talking with two execs and the second hour with two senior members of the technical team. feedback was positive. next step is to connect with the uk based general manager.

i also had a interview for a project manager position at company e2 – based in wellington. i’ll admit that i hadn’t kept track of this company for more than 20 years but when i was interviewing at university this was definitely someplace that you did not want to work. i’m glad i took the chance since it seems they have changed quite dramatically and the nz team seemed great. the hiring manager said that he would setup the next round of interviews soon.

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