done done done

got a birthday present from nzis today. a nice package of materials including our full approval letter and our passports with our residence visas attached.

325 days after we decided to make the jump and started working on our expression of interest.

for the first time i feel like i can talk about it as something that will happen vs. something that i want to happen.

very exciting. now back to the gravel pile.

updated timeline:
start: 14-JUL-06, day 1
EOI submitted: 31-JUL-06, day 17
EOI selected: 02-AUG-06, day 19
EOI approved 31-OCT-06, day 109
ITA received: 06-NOV-06, day 115
ITA submitted: 24-JAN-07, day 194
interview: 20-APR-07, day 280
PR granted: 30-APR-07, day 290
passports stamped: 04-JUN-07, day 325

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