let’s meet for coffee at the cafe…

…you know the place – the one down the street a bit – just head 9000 miles northeast and it’s on the left.

i met the cto of company e in boston today. unfortunately we were scheduled to connect on friday but it was pushed back at the last minute. since we an appointment scheduled with a vermont relator for saturday morning the jboss was took the brunt of the change by driving up herself so i could stay in boston on saturday. the talk with cto went well – just chatting about the challenges of the position and the pros and cons of the hamilton area where the job is located. he indicated that he was eager to get me to nz so i could interview with more of team and get a feel for the area.

jackie reported that the cabin looks great with the exterior, ceilings and upper garage painted. we both know it is just the way it always is but it is hard to see both houses looking so good right before we leave.

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