oceania humor

nothing to do with our adventure, but something that i read today on the nz forum that i found funny.

first some background.

  • both aussies and kiwis often refer to brits as “poms.”
  • the “ashes” refers to a cricket match played between england and australia every two years since 1882.

the discussion on the forum was on the meaning of the term “pom” and if it was an innocent nickname or a slur. the consensus was that it was just a bit of humour targeted at the old mother country.

the definition from urban dictionary was fantastic:
Either comes from ‘prisoner of mother England’ or pomigranite – a reddish coloured fruit that native Australians (Aboriginals) thought had a similar colour to the skin of sunburnt Brits.
Not meant to be an insult (as some English think for some reason), merely a nickname for our less-tanned former rulers. Nicknaming everything is very Australian.

Pom: ‘Oi, convict, get your shit stars off our flag!’
Aussie: F*&k off pom, get your shit cricketers off our cricket ovals and give us our f*&king ashes – they’ve been ours since 1989!’

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