21,600 lbs

one of my pedro projects is to landscape the side yard, solving a drainage problem we’ve had since we moved in. (yet another case of dealing with a problem for the 7 years we lived there only to fix it now that we are leaving…). the way the property is laid out all the water from the driveway and 2 large gutters rushes down the side yard. this creates some gullies and carries all the mulch and soil into the back yard. the plan is to cut out a 3 foot wide channel, line it with belgian boulders and fill it with large gravel. when it came time to order the gravel neither of us had any real idea on how much to get. since i had gone through 19 yards of mulch to spruce up the yard 8 yards of gravel seemed about right. until they delivered it. omigod. now i think they thought they were doing me a favour and gave me some extra but when i saw the pile i knew i was in trouble. so guess what everyone is getting for christmas this year. start thinking of 101 things to do with 2″ grey gravel.

Weights Of Building Materials, Agricultural
Commodities, and Floor Loads For Buildings

Aluminum 171 pounds per cubic foot
Cast Iron 450 pounds per cubic foot
Cement 94 pounds per cubic foot
Concrete 150 pounds per cubic foot
Crushed Stone 2,500 pounds per cubic yard
Gravel2 2,700 pounds per cubic yard

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