luxury accommodation – 8 sq ft

gromit’s immigration agent strongly suggested that we get his travel crate as soon as possible to begin the acclimation process. lots of rule on the crate including amount of ventilation, sturdiness of closures and size. the crate has to be big enough for him to turn around and stand up without touching the roof. we’re luck gromit isn’t any bigger or we’d have a problem – he just fit’s into the biggest crate. don’t know what folks to with bigger dogs?

another $140 to the tally and we have gromit’s new luxury digs.

so we now feed him all him meals in his crate and he seems quite comfortable in it. a couple of times in the evening he has gone in and taken a nap. before we go we need to get the point where he spends the night in it with the dog shut. comparing that to his normal custom of hogging the bed i’m guessing this might take a bit of work.

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