immigration agent hired

not for jackie or me – but for gromit.

after reading the nz emigration forum for almost a year now i don’t think i’ve seen a single person who has hired an immigration agency to help them with their application – but with only one exception every admits that if you are bringing in a pet that it is so complicated that you have to hire a professional. six months of test and treatments that have to be in a specific order by specially certified vets or you have to start all over again. worse if nz maf (responsible for pet immigration) determines after the pet’s arrival that the process was not properly followed then the offender either gets 6 months in quarantine or -gasp- destroyed.

so as of today gromit has his own immigration agent – diana b. escandon of international pet transportation. they are based in los angeles and all they do is coordinate dogs and cats immigrating to nz and australia. they handle about 40 animals a month so i’m confident that they know what they are doing. nothing that $2,518.82 won’t solve.

i continue to be amazed at how specialized some successful companies are. who would have thought that you could run a company that just helps americans ship their dogs and cats into nz and australia?

updated tally:
• gromit intl pet transport fee $2,518.82
• old tally $2,700.74
TOTAL = $5,219.56

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