messy ethics

it would be so much easier if i had the flexible moralistic perspective that so many others seem to be comfortable with.

there are several other nz firms that have said that they would like to met with me the next time i’m in nz. so with company e paying for my flight over is it ok to ask to extend my trip (at my expense) a few days giving me the opportunity to meet with these other firms?

on one hand i would say no. company e is paying for the trip and it should be focused on them.

on the other being realistic it takes 3 days to get to nz and 2 to get back so is it really reasonable to say that one trip is dedicated to a single firm? if i has something setup for a week later would the ethically clean (but environmentally evil) thing to do be to come all the way back to the states only to get right back on a plane and head back to nz?

your chance to weigh in…

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