it’s too hot in boston – i’m heading someplace cooler

company e called tonight and a bit out of the blue decided they would like me to come to nz for an interview.

woo hoo! this is good on several fronts. good that company e is interested enough to make the investment to bring me there. good that they abandoned the plan of waiting until the cto was in the states some time later this summer. and good that it gives me an opportunity to do a bit of early legwork in prep for our big jump – finding a nz bank, starting to scout potential neighborhoods, etc.

they have offered may 17-18 or 21/22 as potential dates. the jboss is traveling may 15&16, and to be in nz for an interview on the 17th you need to leave on the 14th (30 hours of travel and crossing the date line) so i’ll pick the 21st & 22nd.

18,468 miles for interview.

we could easily have lost the company e opportunity. when they called at 6:30 pm i was outside and jackie took the call. the caller id said “unknown number, unknown caller” (as it does for all nz incoming calls) so jackie assumed it was some tele-marketer but fortunately showed some restraint before coping a tude and asking why they bothering us.

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