permanent residency granted !!!

i caved again this morning and called pascale my case officer to get an update on our application. definitely a call worth making. pascale said that a letter went out on 30-APR indicating that our residency application has been approved and we have been granted permanent residency!

tah dah

updated timeline:
start: 14-JUL-06, day 1
EOI submitted: 31-JUL-06, day 17
EOI selected: 02-AUG-06, day 19
EOI approved 31-OCT-06, day 109
ITA received: 06-NOV-06, day 115
ITA submitted: 24-JAN-07, day 194
interview: 20-APR-07, day 280
PR granted: 30-APR-07, day 290
passports stamped:

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